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Sentiment always wins!

When a client came to me having chipped the corner of the diamond in her engagement ring on a metal door, she was pretty upset. She'd spoken to other jewellers who had suggested the stone must be replaced but I understood the sentiment behind the diamond went beyond simply replacing it and making an insurance claim. 

I spoke to a diamond cutter who advised me it was possible to recut the diamond with a fairly modest loss of carat weight. Subject to how much damage has been sustained this may not always be possible, but happily it was this time. The client was happy to accept the reduction in size because it would mean she was still able to wear the diamond her now husband had proposed to her with. 

Diamond engagement ring, damaged stone mended


The next step was to look at modifying my client's original engagement ring and I used one of the best workshops in the country to supply designs to hand-make an extra 'halo' of diamonds to sit in between the original halo and the recut diamond. Once these were approved, work commenced and I hope you will agree that the end result was pretty spectacular. My client was totally thrilled and most importantly of all has retained her original diamond. Sentiment always wins out!

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