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What to do with your unworn jewellery

What do you do when you have a piece or pieces of jewellery you just aren’t wearing? Well, there are a few options, and the answer should depend on several factors. Is it antique and worth more than the sum of its parts? Then perhaps it should be sold, and the money put into a piece you will wear. Is it damaged beyond repair but contains gemstones that hold sentimental value? Then perhaps those gorgeous sapphires could be used in something you’d love to wear every day. Is it modern, doesn’t feel comfortable to wear but contains beautiful quality diamonds? Well, in that case we can create something that will be comfortable and is the showstopper those fabulous diamonds deserve!



A client put this exact challenge to me, she had a number of diamonds from a necklace that she hadn’t been enjoying wearing and asked me to create a series of pieces of jewellery for her. She wanted top quality, stylish and unique. One of the pieces which I had made for her is one of those jewels I won’t ever forget, and my inspiration came from sitting with the loose diamonds ‘scattered’ across my desk. I knew my client’s collection and what she already had, so I suggested we make a bangle using the incredible stones which would be scattered through it for her. It was a very special project so was entrusted to a workshop who I have always used for handmade bespoke pieces for my clients. They have made some of the most important jewels in the world and so I knew would be perfect for this job.

The process was involved, and the client and I spent time together taking multiple wrist measurements, photos and discussing widths. The workshop created a series of designs which included invisible hinges and a various finish options.



Once my client had decided which she loved the most (not an easy choice as they we all wonderful) the workshop sent us the unfinished bangle to ensure the fit on her wrist was perfect. A couple of tweaks and it was ready for the diamonds to be ‘scattered’. This, of course, takes much longer to arrange than putting them in a regular formation! A brushed finish was applied and the bangle, once complete, presented to its delighted new owner.



Repurposing some diamonds from a piece not being worn into a much loved and much admired show-stopping diamond bangle for a wonderful client - what an absolute pleasure!

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