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Allergic to your jewellery? I might have the solution for you!

How disappointing when you haven't been able to wear your engagement and wedding band as they are irritating your skin...luckily there are usually ways around this and I was delighted to help a client with this very problem recently. She hadn't been able to wear her rings for some years and in fact friends had even been asking if she was still married!

The skin reaction experienced can be the result of several factors including an allergy to a particular metal or part of the alloy (for example where nickel has been used in white gold) or even a physical irritation (for example a rough section or a ring that is simply too small on the finger). In this case my client was experiencing a reaction as a result of a combination of factors. By remounting her rings in platinum from the original white gold which had been used by the retailer who sold them a huge difference was made and in addition we ensured her new wedding band didn't have the open settings of the original at the back where soap and other substances could accumulate and irritate her skin. 

I believe pieces should be worn and enjoyed, especially given the sentimental nature associated with most jewels and I love finding a solution to the challenges people sometimes face with their jewellery. I'm delighted to say this particular client's friends are now admiring her new rings, not wondering if everything is ok! 



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