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The sentimental importance of jewellery

The stunning ring my client chose. 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a new client who was searching for a very special ring for herself. It was going to be the final gift she would receive from her Mother. The emotion behind such pieces is never lost on me and it really is a privilege to be able to source the perfect sentimental jewel for people knowing just how much it will mean to them.

My client has been kind enough to allow me to share her experience and says;

'As my 60th birthday approached, my Mum, who was unwell at the time, asked me what I would like; despite her illness she wanted to be part of the decision. Together, we decided on a dress ring, something with some sparkle that I could wear every day. I didn’t want something that resembled an engagement ring.

I'd always hoped to find a private jeweller - the privacy and personal service of a private dealer has always appealed to me rather than going to a retail outlet - perhaps because I wanted something more unique. I made some enquiries around friends and colleagues in Edinburgh and Clare came highly recommended so I got in touch with her.

I felt my brief was quite difficult - I thought I preferred diamonds, but I was quite partial to a rather large square cut purple amethyst! It had to be platinum and I wasn’t going to buy anything for the sake of it - it had to somehow be a link to my Mum, whose health was sadly deteriorating (and as she was 300 miles away she was constantly on my mind whilst I was looking at options - would she like this one, would she like that one?)

As soon as I met Clare, I was put at ease. She is just a lovely person - very professional, very approachable, I knew she cared so much more than in simply getting a sale. I’m quite a perceptive person, so my mind was totally at ease.

Clare suggested a variety of rings within my price range, and we kept coming back to the one I eventually chose. It was great to have a meaningful conversation about my purple amethyst and other fleeting ideas only to identify why they weren’t my final choice. It was down to me, I was allowed to analyse all my decisions. The amount I had to spend may not be that much money for many people but, this ring was going to be my Mum’s final ‘gift’ to me so it had to be ‘perfect’ on so many levels (not too flashy! It’s a ‘Welsh’ thing!) have the wow factor, not attract the wrong kind of attention. The pressure (all in my mind of course) was significant.

Every time Clare and I met, there was no pressure and she really knows her trade - I could sit and listen to her for hours. My Mum sadly passed in November 2021 - I had not yet bought the ring but she had seen photos and loved it.

Some months later, Clare and I met up again to finalise the purchase and whilst naturally upset, I was telling her about identical rings that Mum and I had. I had bought mine on my 40th Birthday in platinum (I cannot wear other metals) - Mum loved mine so much that she also had to have the same ring (a family joke!) but hers was in gold and she wore it until she passed. She told me in her last days that she wanted me to enjoy wearing her ring. Sadly, as it was gold, I couldn't wear it but I'd have hated for it to sit in a drawer. Clare came up with a wonderful suggestion of incorporating my Mum's three diamonds into my own three diamond ring. I would never have thought of that but now, every day I look down and she is there with me (sorry, I’m welling up!) but it was such a perfect solution - and I would never have thought of it.

When Clare was carrying out the addition of Mum's diamonds to my ring, she noticed that there was no hallmark on the ring. Luckily I did have some paperwork and, despite the original retailer not being overly enthusiastic, I did persuade them to apply a hallmark!

I am so very pleased I came across Clare, I feel incredibly lucky and will not hesitate to share the recommendation.'

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