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Victoria Stockwell joins the team at Clare Blatherwick

We have exciting news from Clare Blatherwick Jewellery HQ in that we have another brilliant addition to the team! Victoria Stockwell joins Clare and our in house designer Jacqui Mathieson. Victoria is highly experienced in the world of luxury jewellery with time spent at Tiffany & Co, William & Son, and most recently Boodles in London.

Clare comments 'We are thrilled to have Victoria on board and she will focus on our website boutique, our events (which we hope to have many more of in 2024) and of course by continuing our tradition of excellent customer service. Between Victoria’s love of and experience in contemporary jewellery, Jacqui’s incredible design skills and my background and skill-set, we are very well placed in Scotland to offer clients the full spectrum of jewellery services of the highest standard.'


This week, we ran a short 'getting to know you' Q&A with Victoria, so we could find out more about her background in luxury jewellery and share a bit more about her with you.

Q. Victoria, tell us about your jewellery background...
A. I have been working in the jewellery industry since 2007, but it all started long before that when I used to smuggle my mums best jewellery to school...I got in a little bit of trouble for that, but basically have always been a bit of a magpie! It started with working for Tiffany & Co selling their silver jewellery, then I decided that I hadn't done enough studying at uni so went back to night school for 18 months to become a gemmologist and subsequently worked for Tiffany in their fine jewellery department. That was followed by a stint for William Asprey at William & Son as a jewellery buyer and running the jewellery department there, and then on to Adler of Bond Street. Most recently I was at Boodles for about 9 years and dealt with some very interesting pieces as well as some very interesting people over that time!  I moved back up to Scotland last year and connected with Clare earlier this year.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about joining Clare Blatherwick? 
A. So many things, the flexibility of the role, most definitely no two days are the same, one day it's doing a photoshoot and the next it's writing jewellery descriptions for our online boutique which we are looking to expand going forward. I'm really looking forward to helping Clare grow the business and ensuring she becomes even more well known as THE jewellery expert to go to in Scotland. It also feels important to keep the business in Scotland and help people realise they don't need to go to Bond Street to acquire the finest jewels or experience the best service. 

Q. What genre or era of jewellery do you find most Inspiring?
A. I love contemporary jewellery, I am always amazed at the craftsmanship that goes into the work, I have been luckily enough to meet many designer and makers and am fascinated by the back sorry of how a particular piece/style or technique evolved. The people and the stories behind it bring a piece of jewellery to life and just increase my understanding and appreciation of a particular item. 

Q. Your favourite jewellery exhibition?
A. It's got to be the Bollinger jewellery gallery at the V&A. I was absolutely floored the first time I saw it. 

Q. What do you love to do when you're not dreaming of gemstones...?
A. That would be the elusive time on my own- with a young family this is extremely rare so anything that gives me a sense of freedom like running or cycling on a sunny day in the beautiful countryside is my idea of pure joy. 

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