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Advice on Buying & Selling Jewellery

Advice on Buying & Selling Jewellery

Auction Expertise

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA offers clients the opportunity, when they wish to acquire their perfect piece of jewellery at auction, or to sell a piece that they no longer have need for, to have someone on board with them who has the benefit of extensive knowledge of the auction world and secondary jewellery market.

Not everyone is confident in an auction environment, especially if it is unfamiliar to them. There may be anxieties, if selling, about which auction house to use, when would be the best time to bring a piece to market, whether the estimate is accurate and questions about how much it all really costs. When buying, the aforementioned concerns can also be coupled with worries around whether a piece is genuine, whether it has been restored, how to bid and how much to bid. There may be logistical difficulties, for example, being overseas and not wishing to leave an absentee bid or bid online.

Because it may be the only opportunity to get THAT piece

With ten years of experience as Head of Jewellery for Bonhams in Scotland, one of the world’s top international auctioneers, Clare can help guide a client, corporate body or museum through the whole process, or for any of the individual stages, from an initial viewing and discussion about the piece, to advising on desirability, condition, age, possible outcomes and finally even bidding on behalf of a potential buyer. And nobody will be scratching their ear at the wrong time.

If auction doesn’t feel like the right fit, Clare can help with the sale of jewellery to one of her private clients or into the jewellery trade.

Contact Clare to discuss how to make sure that your piece finds the perfect new owner, or that your ideal piece of jewellery doesn't get away.

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