Antique and Period jewellery

Because of the stories they could tell…

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA offers clients the opportunity to build their collection of antique and period jewellery. You may be looking for a one-off piece, perhaps starting a collection, or if already a connoisseur, you may be looking for advice on the consolidation and development of your existing collection.

The history of a piece of jewellery is part of its appeal, or in some cases, could be a tantalising mystery. What has it seen and what secrets could it tell us? If only these pieces could talk...

If a client would like an antique or period jewel that helps express their timeless style, Clare will source a selection of pieces drawn from the stocks of the best dealers from all over the world. Her experience in the retail of antique jewellery and also in auction means she can advise on whether the jewel is in original condition and genuinely of the age or by the maker it purports to be, as well as good value. These are important considerations, regardless of what stage you are in your collecting career.

Perhaps you have an interest in a maker or designer – for example Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, or Belperron, or maybe your interest lies in the design aesthetics and jewellery of a region or country.

With many people, their love affair with older pieces of jewellery begins with an engagement ring, and what an exciting experience it is to find ‘the one’. Perhaps it's an impressive Victorian diamond three-stone ring, a delicate Edwardian sapphire and diamond ring, or maybe a bold and strikingly geometric Art Deco ruby and diamond ring. A spark ignites then, of interest in jewellery of an era. The earrings and bracelets that work so well together may soon join the ring, and a collection is born.

Every jewel deserves to add more secrets to those it already keeps. And by choosing something with age, you won’t find your sister-in-law wearing the same thing at that family party you are going to.

Contact Clare to discuss giving something old a new start.