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Jewellery & Watch Valuations

Jewellery & Watch Valuations

Valuations for a variety of purposes, including insurance and open market

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA offers clients the opportunity to have a piece of jewellery, a watch or an entire jewellery and watch collection valued.

Often the valuation process is for the purposes of insurance but can also be for private sale, family division or inheritance tax purposes.

Valuations don't only meet the practical requirements noted above, but this intricate process can detail the history of your jewellery and watch collection for the next generation, providing a fascinating insight through analysis of gems, metals and hallmarks.

Values can be provided at a variety of levels, including retail replacement or open market. The jewellery and watch markets are fast moving with significant changes in demand and, as a result, values can be significantly different than either anticipated, or from previous valuations, so it is important to keep up to date. With over twenty years in various facets of the jewellery profession, Clare is able to value both modern and antique pieces for a competitive fee.

Because you want peace of mind

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA understands how precious your jewellery and watch collections are, so as part of her outstanding personal service to customers, she will come to your home, office or bank, to carry out the valuation providing assurance of its safekeeping during the process. Clare is recommended to clients by many insurance brokers and can liaise with your broker or insurer on your behalf in the provision of paperwork, saving you time and hassle, as well as discussing more complex pieces with you and your broker or insurer to ensure appropriate cover.

Contact Clare to discuss how to ensure your collection is professionally appraised leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Please note that Clare will be unable to carry out valuations from February - March 2024 inclusive due to work commitments overseas. The rest of the services offered by her brilliant team will carry on as usual!

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