Modern Jewellery 

Because sometimes someone has already designed your perfect piece of jewellery…

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA offers clients the opportunity to build their collection of jewellery. This service focuses on the piece of jewellery which is more 'off the shelf’. You may be looking for a one-off piece, perhaps starting a collection, or if already a connoisseur, you may be looking for advice on the consolidation and development of your existing collection.

A good pair of diamond stud earrings and that diamond tennis bracelet which goes with everything from jeans to jodhpurs, or your favourite LBD and Jimmy Choos are often the foundation of a jewellery wardrobe. Sometimes people want a brand-new piece of jewellery to create their own heirloom rather than buying something which has already been owned by another.

If a client would like a new piece of jewellery that helps express their contemporary style, Clare will source a selection of pieces drawn from the stocks of the best manufacturers and craftsmen from all over the world. Without the overheads of a shop, and with an extensive address book of goldsmiths and manufacturing jewellers, Clare can ensure those earrings, or that bracelet, end up being bigger and brighter than you thought possible.

Perhaps you are interested in matching an existing piece of jewellery as part of developing your jewellery wardrobe. Or maybe you are fascinated by a type of gemstone and want to understand better what to look for in terms of its origin, quality, desirability and value.

After all, nobody ever wishes their sapphire was less vibrant, or their diamonds were smaller.

Contact Clare to discuss those sparklers you have always dreamed of.