Vintage jewellery

Because sometimes designs are even better second time around…

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA offers clients the opportunity to build their collection of vintage jewellery. You may be looking for a one-off piece, perhaps starting a collection, or if already a connoisseur, you may be looking for advice on the consolidation and development of your existing collection. 

It is said in fashion and design that all things run in cycles and if you wait long enough, things will come back into vogue. The world of jewellery is the same and there is undoudtedly a strong interest in vintage design. If your home is filled with pieces by Eames, Le Corbusier and Castiglioni, then you will be looking for striking jewellery that reflects your personal aesthetic.

Perhaps you are interested in the design culture of a country – Scandi minimalism, Cool Britannia or the exuberance of Italy. Or maybe you are fascinated by a jewellery designer or maker whose skill has always been without question, such as Andrew Grima, Alan Gard or John Donald.

If a client would like a vintage jewel that helps express their unique style, Clare will source a selection of pieces drawn from the stocks of the best dealers from all over the world. Her experience in the retail of vintage jewellery and in auction mean she can advise on whether the jewel is in original condition and genuinely of the age or by the maker it purports to be, as well as good value. These are important considerations, regardless of what stage you are in your collecting career.

Good design and jewels made by incredibly skilled artist jewellers should always be appreciated. And after all, what would suit you better as you recline in your Jacobsen Egg Chair than a piece of mid 20th century jewellery designed by Nanna Ditzel for Georg Jensen?

Contact Clare to discuss inspirational aesthetics.